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This blog is where I will share my love of food, love of wine, love of travel, love of life, and love of love.

My (then boyfriend) now fiancé encouraged me to begin this blog on January 3, 2012.  Since then, it has evolved, just like we all do.  This blog also has multiple facets and various interests, just like we all do.

Here, I share stories of the unconventional beginnings of my relationship with A., along with stories of our always entertaining and occasionally scandalous carnal escapades.  Here, I share my recipes, techniques, culinary goals, kitchen experiments, successes and failures.  Here, I share my thoughts on relationships, my opinions on life as a twentysomething, and how I manage to live with a man and still love him 🙂 .

So you’ve been warned – you never know just what you mind find here, but I hope that you continue to read along, to share your feedback, and remember – always continue living and loving with all your senses.



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