Under the sea

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March 19, 2013 by E.

They’ve been ordered!

The canvas pictures that A. and I meant to order several weeks ago will be delivered in 5 – 7 business days.

Last night over dinner (angel hair pasta with Brussels sprouts in a creamy sun dried tomato sauce), we finally put our heads together to check this project off our running Apartment To-Do list.  A. has hundreds of underwater pictures from all over Mexico, so sorting through all the images was exciting for me and sentimental for him.

Merging our belongings into one (tiny) apartment has been challenging for all the normal reasons (no closet space!  different cleaning habits!  overflowing laundry hamper!), but it has also been fascinating to combine our separate personalities and passions into one space, which is really just a physical representation of this one life we’re building together.

A. helped me attain my scuba certification two summers ago, before our September 2011 trip to Grand Cayman.  Although we only went on one very shallow dive (20 feet) on our Grand Cayman vacation, out to Stingray City, it was an incredible experience that sparked my urge to continue exploring the underwater universe (and left me with a huge stingray hickey).

Stingray "love bite" - the big guy confused my arm for a piece of octopus

Stingray “love bite” – the big guy confused my arm for a piece of octopus

I know A. is getting antsy for another scuba diving adventure, so we’ll probably honeymoon somewhere in the Caribbean where the water is warm and clear and the fish are plentiful.  That sounds great to me, because I can think of few things more relaxing after my wedding (wedding! still can’t believe I’m getting married) than sitting on a gorgeous white beach and losing track of how many fruity cocktails I’ve polished off.

As one of the very few people I’ve met who have a worse case of OCD than I do, A. absolutely hates hanging pictures.  It usually takes him at least two tries and five curse words before he gets it just so – perfectly straight, dead centered, impeccably arranged.   But when these beauties show up at our door, freshly printed on “art gallery” (whatever that means) quality canvas, I bet he won’t be so cranky at having to drag out the hammer and nails.

Cozumel coral

Cozumel coral

Cozumel coral



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