Lights up on Washington Heights

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February 8, 2013 by E.

So I realize I may be writing about this story somewhat out of order.  I’m pretty sure this happened before A. and I took our game-changing spring break cruise, but not positive.  I’d ask A. for clarification, but he’s off doing adult-y things, like working for a living, whereas I’m nestled on our couch with a bowl of banana oatmeal and a large mug of coffee.

Be that as it may, this is an important and amusing story that needs to be told, so forgive me for jumping around the timeline.

Winter of 2011, A. and his then-girlfriend L. had jointly purchased season tickets for the musical theater performances at the nearby Durham Performing Arts Center.  A. has a wonderful singing voice, participated in choir throughout high school, and still loves musicals.  (Modern musicals, I should specify.  He hates anything of the classical, Andrew Lloyd Webber variety, which just kills me because those are amazing.  But…that’s not relevant here.)

Anyway, it just so happens that this particular musical, In the Heights, is playing during a week when L. has a huge med-school exam.  (Looking back, I’m guessing that may be less of a coincidence than A. originally led me to believe, but he’ll have to comment on that himself.)  Since A. and I were, of course, just friends, he asked L. if I could use her ticket.  (I’m not even going to begin to speculate how this conversation went down.)  She agreed (yeah, I know – I wouldn’t have either), and so that’s how A. and I wound up on our “first date”, of sorts.

Since we arrived at the theater incredibly early, we had some time to ourselves in the car before we left the parking garage to walk to the theater.  We kept it PG, though.  There were too many cars parking and people walking around.  We’re a little adventurous, but not that damn risky.

During the play, we acted just like any other couple.  We sat close, he put his arm around me and whispered into my ear, he held my hand when I cried (I’m a sucker for sad musical numbers).  We were still holding hands when we walked to the bar during intermission…and A. spotted one of L.’s good friends in the lobby, a guy in her med school class.  Oops.  A. saw him before he recognized A., so A. dropped my hand quickly enough, and it was crowded enough, that L.’s friend couldn’t have seen anything incriminating.  Still, we were a little more careful the rest of the night.

After the play, though, we were dying to get our hands on each other.  A.’s girlfriend was waiting for him back at his apartment, so that location was obviously out of the question.  My roommate (an incredibly light sleeper) was back at my apartment, so that wasn’t an ideal location either.  When a car is the only option, I’m not opposed to fogging up the windows in an empty parking lot, so I tried to get A. to turn into the first empty lot I saw.  Which, happened to be a Biscuitville that had long since closed for the night.  Not one of my prouder moments, and I’m pretty sure A. judged me for even suggesting it.  Sorry, but desperate times…

A. apparently has more class than I do, so he rejected my proposal to get busy in a fast food parking lot.  Hmph.  I still tease him about that time he turned me down.

But that’s fine, I found other ways to amuse us on the 30 minute drive home.  Giving someone road head is an exciting challenge – ladies, if you’ve never done it for the man in your life, I highly recommend it.  Just try to avoid roads with stoplights.  We must have stopped at 15 red lights on the way home, and the concentration A. had to devote to stopping the car meant that he would. not. cum.  I used all my best tricks, but those damn red lights got the best of me for nearly 20 minutes.

Finally, we hit a stoplight-free stretch of road, and I had my victory.

Right about the time I finished, and A. was zipping up his pants, L. called, wanting him to bring her a snack from Wendy’s.  (Miraculously, I held my tongue – it’s 11:30 and you want an 800 calorie, deep-fried “snack” from Wendy’s?!  — whoops, let’s not go there.)  So, we went through the drive-through, and then I snuck him into my apartment to so he could repay me for the 20 minutes of road head I’d just given him.

All in all, it was a great night.  And if you haven’t seen In the Heights, you should definitely buy tickets when it comes to a theater near you.  Or at least listen to the soundtrack; it’s amazing.  The opening song grabs you right away.

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