The serenity lounge

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October 30, 2012 by E.

As our week-long spring break cruise progressed, A. and I found it increasingly difficult to sneak away for some adult alone time.  We had been spoiled in the first few days, having found ourselves, through no real planning of scheming on our part, completely unchaperoned.  On the fourth night of our vacation, the third night of our cruise, we were again desperate to escape from our protective friends.  It had been nearly 48 hours since the “magic show”, and both of us were aching for any amount of privacy we could beg, borrow, or steal.

Already, I found it difficult to believe we hadn’t been caught.  The innuendos, secret hand-holding, covert ass-grabs, shy smiles, and long glances…it was like we were children, playing a game behind their parents’ backs.  Part of me, believed we were invisible and invincible; most of me realized that we’d be discovered eventually.

A. and I had begun to exploit our chaperones’ dislike of gambling and all things casino-related.  On the ship, the casino was one of the few places where smoking was allowed, and the gambling tables were constantly wreathed in a vapor of cigar smoke.  The smoke gave Kate a headache, and the table games with their $5 minimums were highly incongruous with Jack’s frugal nature.  As for A. and I, we enjoyed gambling enough that we were able to disregard the smoke.  I certainly didn’t have the money for gambling that A. did, but I loved learning new things and being able to sit next to him at the tables.

On this particular night, we were understanding just how quickly Kate and Jack’s interest in the casinos faded.  After about 30 minutes of group gambling (during which Jack lost $25 and vowed never to return), Kate and Jack headed for some other activity.  A. and I were alone again.  At last.

The beautiful thing about being on a cruise ship in international waters is that there is no cell phone reception (none that was worth the cost, anyway).  So when your group splits up and half of that group disappears, the other half, if it is comprised of people that are trusting and innocent, assumes simply that the first half got bored (or poor) at the casino and left.  The unsuspicious half will assume, naturally, that the other half is searching for them on a cruise ship with the size and population of a small city.

While the guileless two members of this group think they are being searched for, the not-so-virtuous other members are actually on the upper deck, in the Serenity Lounge Adults Only Area.

The Serenity Lounge was designed as a place where adults could enjoy their peace and quiet, away from the giggles, cries, and various other noises made by those under 18 years of age.  The Lounge was all at once hip and romantic, secluded and popular.  The best feature, by far, was the circular lounge chairs/couches (think of a large cushion, about 6 feet in diameter, with a tall wicker back rest going 3/4 the way around the circumference), large enough to fit four adults comfortably, or small enough to shelter two securely.  They were highly sought after by couples at all hours of the day or night. Though these circular circular lounges were spaced fairly close together on the deck, the high backs encompassing the cushions were tall enough to shield occupants from view.

That night, when A. and I found the Serenity Lounge for the first time, we chanced upon an empty circular lounge chair.  We immediately installed ourselves, and proceeded to completely shut out the rest of the world.  When we finally left, several hours had passed and the area was no longer crowded.  A. had given me multiple orgasms with a languid, easy touch I’d never experienced before.  Our time spent there hadn’t been frenzied, or hurried, or  abrupt.  It had been comfortable, and warm, and gentle.  Everything that no-strings attached sex was not permitted to be.


Uh oh.



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