One hell of a magic show

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September 30, 2012 by E.

Now that I’ve apologized for my absence, I feel like I can pick up where I left off.  It’s no longer summer, but the inspiration to continue telling stories from my first cruise still remains.  I’ve already set the stage for our week-long cruise adventure, and described our pre-cruise night out in Miami.  So now, it’s time to tell you about our first night on the boat, and how I experienced the best magic show of my life.

It was Sunday night, and we had boarded the cruise ship, found our adjacent cabins (one for the girls, one for the boys), unpacked, explored, showered, and dressed for dinner.  The four of us were hanging out in our cabin, perusing the cruise entertainment brochures provided in our welcome packet.  A. and I, as the obvious rebels of the group, had successfully smuggled on approximately 2 liters of alcohol, and so all of us were enjoying rather strong pre-dinner cocktails.

The two options for entertainment that night, according to the brochure, were a “welcome performance”, complete with signing and dancing, or a live magic show.  Neither A. nor I had even dared to hope that we would get more than a few moments alone during the cruise, but when the chance arose, we made sure to capitalize on it.  When discussing our evening plans, I immediately voted for the magic show, since that genuinely sounded more interesting to me than the singing/dancing.  But when K. spoke up in favor of the welcome show, A. and I immediately recognized an opportunity.  After a brief discussion, and some subtle manipulation on our part, it was determined that J. would be a good friend and go to the welcome show with K., while A. and I would go “watch the magic”.

As you can probably guess, attending the magic show was never our plan.  Following dinner, J. and K. walked down a hallway, turned a corner, and disappeared from sight.  After A. and I walked just far enough in the direction of the magic show to act convincing, we practically bolted for the stairs that would take us back to our cabins.  The magic show was due to start 15 minutes after their welcome show, so by our estimation, we had no more than  an hour.

During those 60 minutes, we had one round of wild, frantic, hurried, competitive sex.  The beds were the only surfaces we didn’t utilize.  Sitting on a chair, bent over the desk, pushed up against the wall, rolling on the floor; by the time we finished, I had cum twice and was soaked with sweat.  My hair, previously straight and orderly, was in tangles and curled at the ends from perspiration.  We were both panting with exhaustion and extreme satisfaction, and of course, had completely forgotten to check the time.  Our one hour had passed in a blur of fervent kisses and eager sex, and as we scrambled back into our clothes, sweat still clinging to our bodies, I hurriedly tried to touch up my hair and makeup as we heard voices approaching the room.

As a security precaution, we had bolted the door from the inside, and now K. was trying to open the room with her card-key, unsuccessfully.  She was on her third try, and we could hear her, confused and aggravated, when A., deftly and with perfect timing, released the deadbolt, allowing her card-key to cooperate and admit them to the cabin.  I was still in the process of re-straightening my hair, so we concocted a story about having gone for a walk on the deck, where it was windy and humid.  I needed to have my hair down to hide what I suspected would come to be a small hickey.

If J. and K. were at all suspicious, they certainly didn’t show it.  K. gushed excitedly about the performance, and even J. admitted it had been entertaining.  A. and I spoke vaguely about the magic show we hadn’t attended, and then the four of us went back out to explore the ship’s casino.  A. and I had been extremely lucky, and we knew it.  Caution and common sense warned us to take things slow, but as the week progressed, we couldn’t help ourselves.  We began to take bigger and bigger risks.  For the most part, we got away with it.  Until we didn’t.

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