Rocking the boat

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June 25, 2012 by E.

Now that it’s officially summertime (although, for the record, it felt like the hottest season had arrived even before the official First Day of Summer announced its presence), several of my friends are going on cruise vacations, and their travels are making me nostalgic for a time, just under a year and a half ago, when I took my first cruise vacation and enjoyed a full week of the most adventurous, playful, exhilarating, and unrestrained sex.  Only one of those sessions happened in a room, and none were languid enough for a bed.

Back then, A. and I were not dating.  Well, he was dating.  Someone else.  But she was not on the cruise ship, so she did not matter.  Two of A.’s best friends were on the boat, and as they were each far more scrupulous than both A. and I combined, they did matter.  Since they had no idea of our indiscretions, A. and I had to keep them blissfully unawares, while sneaking off for alone time every second we could.  A challenge was born.  Which of us could devise a more plausible  excuse, locate a more secluded place to fuck, construct a more subtle sexual innuendo?

In 7 total days of vacation, we had sex 5 times, and fooled around even more often.  We held hands under the table, snuck kisses in the pool, and touched suggestively during the after-dinner comedy shows.  It was the best kind of game, made all the more exciting because we were finally starting to explore our feelings for one another.  When you’re sitting on the deck of a cruise ship at midnight staring out into the vast darkness of the ocean and looking at the expanse of thousands of stars above you, it’s hard not to begin to grapple with your innermost thoughts, no matter how hard you try.

I had fun on that vacation.  Really, it’s hard not to have fun on a cruise ship.  But I don’t look back and remember the food, or the entertainment, or the drinking, or the destinations, even.  I remember the man I spent it with, and how many adventures we had.  This story cannot be told in a single post, there was far too much going on that week to condense into a readable blog narrative.  Consider this my “setting the stage” entry, and come back soon to read about our adventure in Miami.  Even before we boarded the cruise ship, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

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