Identity Crisis

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May 13, 2012 by E.

I don’t consider myself a vegetarian.  However, whenever I have to select a dining option for work or travel, I always check the “vegetarian” box.  My coworkers find my dining preferences slightly confusing – I won’t eat the turkey sandwich provided for our team lunch, but I’ll order chicken liver mousse as an appetizer at a restaurant?

I guess I’m kind of confused myself – how do I classify my eating habits?

I do believe that animals are meant to be eaten.  It’s the Circle of Life concept.  I do not believe, however, that they should be kept in enclosed pens, without room to move, or without ever seeing the sunlight.  I do not believe that they should be pumped full of growth hormones so that they mature at such a rapid rate they are unable to walk.  I do not believe they should be genetically altered.  I do not believe we should treat meat like a commodity, willing to pay no more than $3 a pound for chicken breasts, continuously demanding lower and lower prices, turning what used to be family farms into industrial factories.

If you have not watched the documentary Food, Inc., please do.  It will change your entire perspective on the industry, and it will make you sad for the future of our country.

Therefore, if I can’t have honorably grown and responsibly sourced meat, I opt not to eat it.  My philosophy is quality over quantity. When I eat meat, I want it to be special.  I want it to mean something.  I want it to be a choice I make, rather than one that is made for me.  Meat isn’t something I choose to eat very often, so when my body is craving rabbit, of all things, I listen.

Recipe to follow.

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